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Install Types for aluminum control dampers.

Flanged to Duct
1" flange frame

Flanged to Duct damper

4½”w x 4¼”h (115 mm x 108 mm)

25 ft² (2.3 m²)
60”w x 60”h (1524 mm x 1524 mm) or
48”w x 75”h (1220 mm x 1905 mm)

  • Damper is manufactured with 1” (25.4 mm) flanged frames around the entire face and rear perimeters of the damper, allowing the duct to be directly fastened to it.
  • Flanged to Duct Install Type dampers provide greater free area and lower pressure drop, because the damper frame is mounted outside the duct perimeter.
  • Finished inside frame dimensions of the damper will be identical to the opening width & height dimensions.
  • Finished outside frame dimensions will be 2” (50.8 mm) larger than the opening width & height dimensions.
  • Linkage extends up to 1.31" (33.3 mm) beyond the outer edge of the frame for single-section wide dampers.
  • Always provide opening width and height dimensions, when ordering. Width dimension is always parallel to blades. Height dimension is always perpendicular to blades.

TAMCO Aluminum Damper Installation Guidelines