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TAMCO accessories, linking multiple damper sections.

connecting two horizontal damper sections

2 section damper with jumper

Jumpers may be used to link two damper sections if the total area connected is less than 30 square feet.

If actuators are to be connected to each section, the jumper bracket should not be used, as the failure of one motor will prevent the remaining motor from operating normally.

  • Jumper bracket halves are die-formed 10 ga. CRS steel with zinc-plated components for all standard mill-finish dampers and for those with the ET, SC, or ECT Options.
  • Jumper bracket halves are 304 stainless steel with stainless steel components for all dampers oredered with the SW or MR Options.
  • Jumper is pre-assembled and ready to mount to U-bolts located on the damper drive blade.
  • Slotted mating surfaces allow for simple adjustment as required.


  • Minimum duct opening height required for damper jumper installation is 13¼" (337 mm) for Flanged to Duct and 14" (356 mm) for Installed in Duct.
  • For shorter duct opening heights, down to 4¼" (108 mm) for Flanged to Duct, and 6¾" (172 mm) for Installed in Duct, special blade-to-blade “internal jumper” joining is possible.

Multiple Section Damper Jumper Specifications

Multiple Section Damper Jumper Installation Guidelines